Dangers and Hazards – 1

It’s been almost 2 years since I gave up watching or reading news, I know it sounds weird and often I end up twiddling my thumbs and have nothing to say in a passionate discussion on Narendra Modi / An overhyped murder case / State and future of the economy, you get the idea.

I may be wrong and I often am but I don’t regret one bit of having taken this step.

You see most of the so called news that we watch or read is actually more of a super-opinionated orgy, I don’t blame the channels, they produce what sells and people want this stuff.

Another aspect is, understanding – what kind of news actually sells? a simple answer is BAD, DISTURBING & SENSATIONAL.

You are continuously fed over-hyped opinions of disturbing and bad events occurring around you from people you don’t know, ask yourself, do you really need this?

Now let’s think about the consequences of investing based on news-flow, trust me and I am not wrong – It will ruin most. (Few are lucky).

A simple solution which I find extremely useful is that I seek out only that information which can add some value to my life,as an example, I read investing blogs, follow works of interesting people and companies, study business models of various sectors and companies, read trade journals, watch movies etc, internet makes all of this possible with ease, this line of thought keeps me away from most clutter, helps me relax, release some stress and enables me to focus on important tasks.

Of course there’s a risk of twiddling thumbs at dinner table conversations but it’s a small trade-off, if you ask me.




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